Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holiday Scents - No Skin Irritation

Are you tired of unscented lotions and skin products? 

I am tired of the greasy unscented skin products that I have to use for my excema. I am so excited about the products and technology that go into making Arbonne's skincare!

Now I can buy  those wonderful holiday scents as gifts or even for myself and not have to worry about them irritating our skin! 

The alcohol used in the holiday products is naturally derived from pure grains and their products undergo stringent skin safety tests. The scents are formulated with science and natural components.  

I have already tried a few products myself and they make my skin so much healthier and smelling wonderful verses dry and irritated! 

Take an early look at Arbonne's new holiday line and start shopping early with great discounts! 


What are your most irritating skin problems? Contact me for more information and great products for a steal! 

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