Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turkey for lunch again?

Whether you just moved out on your own or recently got married, you can probably relate with my dilemma. Every time I'm planning meals for the week I can never plan anything good for lunch.

Breakfast is easy and I can spend the time to make one meal a day, so I choose dinner. Now lunch for me growing up was always a sandwich and chips. Usually it was peanut butter and jelly. Well, that doesn't really cut it for a married couple in their twenties. 
So, I decided to try Arbonne shakes a few months ago.
Aside from the low cost, ease of making, and delicious flavor, I love that the protein used is made without any animal products/ by products, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, cholesterol, saturated fats, or trans fats. The best part is what it's made with! 20 grams of vegan protein (rice,pea, and cranberry), 20 essential vitamins and minerals, alfalfa, ginseng, flax seed and more! 

Now after my husband works out, he actually has a good lunch with the protein, vitamins, and minerals he needs instead of the same turkey sandwich with greasy chips everyday. 

Sometimes I mix the protein powder with strawberries or fruit in the blender, mix it alone with soy milk or almond milk, or sometimes I'll just mix the powder with water if I'm running out the door. It's always delicious! 

After lunch, I am always going to need a snack before dinner. I don't eat much, but I eat ALL the time it feels like. This usually results in some hard core snacking. 

A snack idea today is yummy blueberries and some fresh carrots from the market. I clean, slice and pack apples, oranges, celery, or whatever fruits and veggies I enjoy all at one time. That way, when I need a snack I'm not found spacing into the fridge and pantry at all the things I want to eat but really don't want to prepare. Preparing before hand really helps me to not grab the easy chips or crackers instead. 

I hope these ideas for lunch and snacks have helped someone out. I know when someone shared them with me, I was so appreciative, it made lunch so easy!

What are your ideas for a healthy and quick lunch?

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  1. Love it! The protein shakes take the guesswork out of meals, are so filling, and make me feel good all the way around. Another awesone whole foods snack is an avocado with cilantro and tomatoes. Sometimes I added salt and lime juice on top. Super delicious. You're doing great and im so proud of you!!