Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toxins? So What?

A few days ago at an Arbonne presentation, I had a friend tell me that one of her close friends was throwing everything out that had toxins in it. I thought, "A girl after my own heart!" 

Unfortunately her friend can't throw out the air she breathes but she's definitely on the right track! 

You may be asking, "What is it about these toxins everyone wines about anyway?" or even "We've lived with them for years and this just sounds too "hippy" for me."

Toxins are in our water, livestock, poultry, processed foods, sprayed on our produce, and even in the products we use for personal care. "Wait, in my shampoos, hair products, and shaving creams?" "Absolutely!"

 Then we all wonder why we keep gaining weight in America even though the libraries are filling up with books about weight loss, fitness, and eating right. We have many gyms and fitness programs and we are very conscious about health. 

Changing your intake of toxins is great but we can't avoid them. So what do we do? Detox our body and take care of our liver! The toxins are coming in faster than our liver can cleanse. Every part of your body is affected by an unhealthy liver. Many questions like, "Why can't I loose any more weight while I'm working out and eating right?" or health problems like depression, skin irritations, diabetes, heart problems, and more can be a result of liver functioning. 

In fact, when you work out the toxins hiding in the fat releases into your body. You must detoxify or you will plateau in your weight loss.

Of course, this is the part where I tell you how much I love Arbonne products! My hubby could probably tell you more than I can about the seven day cleanse (you can eat with this unlike many others), I actually haven't used this yet. In fact, Arbonne has an entire kit with protein shakes, fiber boosts, energy tabs, and others that are yummy and easy to use with healthy meals to add to your work out and weight loss plans to help cleanse your system!
I love hearing the testimonies from individuals and seeing their before and after pictures of using these products! When I hear about chronic pain that has actually disappeared, how much weight is lost, and many other problems or symptoms going away, how can I not share this with others? 

Note: Arbonne does not claim to heal any pain or chronic issues. These are only personal testimonies and how their overall health improved.

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