Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clean and Healthy Canvas

Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball with her prince charming. The night ended badly, as we all know the story, and the magic wore off turning Cinderella back into her clothes of rags and drab hair. But wait, what is this? Her makeup had not worn off and she falls asleep with it still on her face!  

Little did Cinderella know she just aged seven days and the pollution, dead skin cells and dirt clogged her pores! 

We all have long and stressful days but the truth is, going to sleep without washing your face, especially with makeup on, is worse than we think. 

Prepping your skin for makeup starts with the night before. As we sleep, our pores open up and our skin heals itself, renewing the skin cells. If we have makeup still on our face, our skin ages 7 days and our pores fill with the pollution, dead skin cells and dirt. This is also why wearing night creams, instead of our basic morning moisturizers, at night is so important. 

I love Arbonne's FC5 cleansing set which includes the cleanser, lotion with spf (protecting against UVA and UVB rays) and the night cream all together. FC5 products are made from fruits, vegetables and vitamins A,C, and E without any animal products/by products, PABA, petroleum-based ingredients, nor formaldehyde-donating preservatives. Arbonne's FC5 face set leaves my skin feeling moisturized without the greasy feeling. This is very important to me since my skin is extremely sensitive and dry. So sensitive in fact that I used to apply lotion 3 times a day so I didn't feel like my skin was pulling apart and cracking!

The clock has struck twelve and the night is coming to a close. How are you going to pamper your skin tonight?

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